Affogato di caffe is probably the most amazing culinary delight in the coffee world. In Italy, it is served as a dessert. Here in America, it’s usually on the coffee beverage menu. Either way, it will make your taste buds very happy.

Literally translated, it means drowned in coffee. And what better to be drowned in coffee than gelato or ice cream. Of course you can get really fancy with it and add all sorts of toppings and flavorings, but my favorite way is just vanilla ice cream/gelato and espresso, like this one I found at Bucks On Bridge Coffee in Lambertville, NJ.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures or video of the assembly of one of the best affogatos I’ve had outside of Italy. Their vanilla ice cream was creamy and when paired with their rich espresso with caramel overtones*, the result was decadent.

*I believe their espresso had caramel overtones. It certainly did when paired with the ice cream, but did I think to do a tasting of the espresso first? Of course not, I was starstruck by the excitement of one of my most favorite pairings on the planet.

As the ice cream melted into the espresso, the last third of my concoction was reminiscent of a root beer float. I’m 100% certain I finished every.single.drop. and I may have licked the cup one brief second before I relinquishing it to the recycling bin…

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