Peet’s Luminosa Breakfast Blend

I happened across this delight during a layover at Houston Hobby. I let the barista pick my coffee asking only that she not select dark roast. Instead she went to the opposite end of the roasting spectrum and gave me a blonde roast. Certainly IMHO blonde roasts are a gazillion times better than dark roasts, however, sometimes they are too light and taste a bit thin. Certainly not the case with Peet’s Luminosa.

It is a blend of Colombian and Ethiopian beans, which, according to Peet’s, layers “subtle sweetness from Colombia with just the right touch of Ethiopia floral aromatics and a flavor profile of passionflower, stone fruit, and cacao.”

My Notes:

  • Brew method: commercial brewer
  • Smells: creamy with peaches and raspberries
  • Tastes: raspberries and chocolate, bright, smooth, with light mouthfeel
  • Finishes: chocolate with a hint of sweet smoke on the finish
  • Pairs: milk chocolate, especially a Snickers bar, cream pastries

As I mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised with this coffee–both in terms of the depth of the coffee despite it being a blonde roast and that I found it at an airport, where I rarely have luck with ordering coffee. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who like bright and flavorful coffees.